Something About You & Me


I am a wedding photographer based in Raleigh, North Carolina. And I don’t want to be just a Photographer for your wedding.  Forget about what you see and hear about wedding photography.  Yes, budget is the main consideration for your wedding planning.  But if you are just finding somebody with the cheapest deal to show up and photograph your beautiful day, then I am not the best fit for you.

Leilani & Jimmy / The Barn at Valhalla, Chapel Hill NC

I never put the prices or packages as the focus beginning our conversation.  Your expectation, you love & you both are the most I care.  I love to hear your love stories, I want to hear how’s your proposal was when you see the ring, how’s your expectation and emotion connected to my works and my style.  Trust me, I am gonna stay beside you during the whole wedding.  I love to capture every little things from your special day.  Even one silly smile or one little gift, they all become your forever feeling and memory.  

Jenna & Michael . The Basilica Shrine of St. Mary’s, Wilmington, NC

Because your Love is unique and special.  I don’t have a same set of photo checklist. I wanna know more about you and go deeper inside your heart and find the way to capture your Day.  

Kylie & Noah / The Barn at Valhalla, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Quality is not Quantity.  Let’s create the magic of your Love together …