Engagement Session

Welcome to Forever

I Love Engagement Session.  But please don’t think I am trying to push you paying couple hundred dollars more for my packages.  To me, the Session is a day just for three of us to hang out, hear your love stories, know more about how I photograph and how am I look (even I am not good-looking) and just make us feel comfortable with each other.  When the wedding day is here, we will feel so much better and easier for me to capture all the natural moments.  I just don’t want to be a “photographer” just pushing you to sign the contract and see you maybe a year later.  

Aimee & Sam / Nantahala, North Carolina

If you are tell me no idea what to do in front of the camera or you never look good for photos.  Please Stop.  None of us are professional models and even myself don’t know how to pose.  I want to show you how to be yourself when I capturing you both.  No acting or posing.  All I want to see is your Love between both of you.  Don’t treat the Session as one task you need before getting married.  The Session is for celebrating your life and your love.  Every image is for your life and forever memories.  

Do you have any good images of you both together?  I guess all you have are just selfies from your phones.

Ashley & Will / Boston, Massachusetts

You don’t need to heavy dress up like you are going to annual party.  I love to see you wear something you like, feeling comfortable and feeling yourself (but please not to be too casual or looks like you are at the gym).  We can do about two different outfits.  Gentlemen, button up shirts with jeans and pants are perfect.  Ladies, anything you like with some light accessories.  Personally, I love white flowy dresses or anything with soft light color with light material.

Liza & Matt / Asheville, North Carolina

Any locations where are not too busy or lots of people around are perfect.  Wide open big grass fields are my favorite because I want to see you both jumping, kissing, dancing and running.  We can take it easy going to local parks, downtown or your wedding venue. Or we can go big to the top of the mountains in Asheville or sea of love in Wilmington.

Jenna & Mike / Wilmington, North Carolina

No matter what, Lets Celebrate Together …